Top 15: The Best Video Games of All Time

Video Games of All Time

If you are looking for a game to play and you have no idea of a specific title, here is a small selection of the best video games released in years.

Video Games of All Time

The video game is now present for several decades, and it was time to make a small point on the best opus proposed since all this time. Of course, it’s a somewhat arbitrary ranking, but you’ll find games that are among the best-selling, having the best ratings where having been best received by critics over the years.

15 – Super Metroid

Release year: 1994
Platform: NES

Created by Yoshio Sakamoto, Super Metroid is the second installment of the world-famous saga. An action-adventure game, you will embody Samus Aran, and confront the space pirates. After a first episode released in 1987, the adventures of our heroine will simply raise the bar and truly launch the franchise.

14 – Goldeneye 007

Release year: 1997
Platform: Nintendo 64

Inspired by the adventures of James Bond and taking up the narrative story of the film he was born, this third-person shooter developed by Rareware has been so acclaimed by critics and sold that it is one of the most sold of all time.

13 – Super Mario World

Release year: 1991
Platform: NES

Set of platforms (which has made the franchise famous), Super Mario World will send you to Dinosaur Land for once again, fighting Bowser.
Reissued no less than 4 times, it is one of the biggest successes of the entire Mario franchise.

12 – Portal 2

Release year: 2011
Platform: PC

While Portal’s first name had laid an archi-solid foundation, following the platform game and reflection in subjective view will simply allow the franchise to evolve even more. Seducing the players as much by its universe as by its gameplay, it is one of the biggest successes of Valve.

11 – Fallout: New Vegas

Release year: 2010
Platform: PS3

The fourth installment of the franchise FallOut, this episode is probably the most successful, and most appreciated by the general public. Taking up elements from the scenario of FallOut 2, this video game typically role-playing will plunge you into a post-apocalyptic universe (in 2281), absorbing to the possible.

10 – BioShock

Release year: 2007
Platform: PC / 360 / PS3

True UFO video-play, this shooting game in the third person will plunge you into the city of Rapture. Offering an immersive and very original universe focused on steampunk, Bioshock first name is the first opus of a saga of success in the making.

9 – Red Dead Redemption

Release year: 2010
Platform: PS3 / 360

Play Dead Redemption is a new nugget from the RockStar Games studios, which proves to us that there is not only GTA in life. Acclaimed by critics, this is one of the best games of the PlayStation 3.

8 – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Release year: 1997
Platform: PS1

Opus of the mythical franchise Castlevania, Symphony of Night is like its similar an action-adventure game. Here you will play Alucard, the son of Dracula, in a game to the universe one can not more vampiric. Worn many times on other supports, this is probably the best episode of the franchise.

7 – Final Fantasy VI

Release year: 1994
Platform: NES

Role-playing signed Square Co; Final Fantasy is only the third installment of the franchise to be released in the West. The last opus to be released on NES, it is without a doubt one of the favorites of the fans of the saga. Characters such as Terra Branford or Locke Cole have of course contributed to the success of the episode.

6 – Mega Man 3

Release year: 1990
Platform: NES

While the first opus of the franchise already offered many adventures and a new universe, Mega Man’s third name comes as a king on the NES. Of course taking the bases of the first two opuses, it will send you to fight Break Man.

5 – Half-Life 2

Release year: 2004
Platform: PC

Following the episode released in 1998, the second opus will prove to be even better than the basic opus.
A true institution and legend in the world of video games, the biggest fans are still waiting for the third installment of the series more than 10 years later.

4 – The Last of Us

Release year: 2013
Platform: PS3

The most recent game in our ranking, it is also one of the best games released the last two years. Plunging you into a post-apocalyptic universe, you will play as Joel and Ellie, characters become as cult as the game itself.

3 – Shadow of the Colossus

Release year: 2005
Platform: PS2

This is a real card from the PlayStation 2, coming straight from Team Ico. A real nugget of the action-adventure type, the game will seduce by the fact that there are no real dungeons or cities to explore, but simply enormous colossi to undo.

2 – Chrono Trigger

Release year: 1995
Platform: NES

Chrono Trigger is the very example that shows us that Square Co does not propose that Final Fantasy. Focusing on the principle of his game on the journey through time, this game will simply be revolutionary for the time, thanks to its multiple purposes, or its secondary quests one cannot push.

1 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Release year: 2017
Platform: Nintendo Switch

It was impossible not to mention the Zelda saga in this top, as it is at the origin of some of the best games ever. But since this is not a top of the Zelda games and we need to mention one, we will leave out Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask for the latest episode: Breath of the Wild.

It is not obvious in our time to reinvent itself and revolutionize a whole genre, yet it is what Zelda Breath of the Wild has managed to do. This episode in open-world offers freedom of movement and action so far never seen, and the richness of his universe can take anyone, whatever his age and his relationship with video games. A game that deserves its title of Legend.

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