New ways to take care of the kitchen: cleaning and maintenance

If there is a place in the house that gets dirty especially that is the kitchen. To which you neglected it seems that a hurricane has passed and there is a need to start cleaning. So, to put the finishing touch to the special trends in kitchens and countertops, we thought to review the new ways to take care of the kitchen, so that what you have designed with as much hope as the first day.

Fortunately, for a while to this part have appeared a great quantity and variety of cleaning products that allow us to keep our kitchen clean with less effort and, very important, without damaging the new materials we have chosen to decorate it.

Id thinking to give a break to the soap and the scouring pad and let’s see what’s new regarding kitchen cleaning.

Products specific to each surface

This is for me the key in the current kitchen: use the right product for each surface. It is not the same to clean compact quartz, marble, stainless steel or a glass ceramic, so it is, therefore, logical to use different products.

Currently, there are specific cleaners for glass ceramics in both gel and spray. Usually, the first ones act more in-depth, removing the fat, and the seconds giving shine. There are also exclusive products for compact quartz countertops, which are usually fussy to clean because having a homogeneous color immediately notice the watermarks.

Other surfaces that should be cleaned independently are stainless steel, which has the habit of collecting fingerprints, and the faucet, where they usually accumulate traces of lime that can be removed with the corresponding lacquer.

Universal stain removers

Just when I began to have to be responsible for the cleaning of my kitchen, the universal stain removers, which promised to clean all of them alone and banish the rest of cleaning products, began to take over the market.

The reality is that they are not suitable for many surfaces – because of their aggressive effectiveness – but they are useful for areas where a lot of fat accumulates, as in the filters of the extractors, oven or tiles near the cooking zone, although we must always use it with caution not to damage our beloved kitchen (nor our hands).

In short, it is convenient to have them available in case any of the specific products cannot remove the dirt completely.

Cleaning wipes

These are, as he says, fresh from the oven. These wipes are very similar to those used for personal hygiene (both warned in the package that they should not be used for that purpose) but developed for different surfaces, including those in the kitchen.

Their greatest virtue is that they are very comfortable to use, have a significant anti-grease power and are not at all aggressive with the surfaces on which I have used: compact quartz, stainless steel appliances, tiles and even the glass-ceramic.

There are also wipes for the cleaning of crystals and others that adapt to the mops, to clean the floor. The first ones do not convince me because they leave some other rest in the crystals, and the second, although they clean well, especially the stains and grease, give to clean not too much surface considering what they cost (about 10 cents each, which gives for a small kitchen).

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