stardew valley guide

This first part of Stardew Valley will explain the basics of the game. First, when you launch a new game for the first time, you will have to create your character. To do this, you will have to choose:

  • The sex of your character
  • The name of your character
  • The name of your farm
  • Your Favorite Stuff
  • Your favorite pet
  • Choosing your skin (appearance and color)
  • Choosing your hair (appearance and color)
  • Choosing your clothes (look and color)
  • Choice of accessories (appearance and color)

Be aware that your appearance will not alter the content of the game, whether it concerns romances, the choice of your pet, etc.

You will be greeted by Robin and Lewis the mayor of the city in your grandfather’s old farm. After the first night on your farm, you will be able to do two very important things:

First, do not forget to watch TV (top left of the room) coming out of your bed. The TV will give you plenty of information like weather forecasts for the day, game tips, cooking recipes, etc.

Know that basic, Stardew Valley will be entirely in English with “QWERTY” controls. You will be able to change the keys by going in the options of the game or to play with a joystick that will be partially recognized by the game. 

stardew valley guide

Know that from the first day of your adventure in Stardrew; you can do whatever you want. The more you advance in the requested quests, the more you’ll have access to new environments, objects to use, vegetables to plant, etc. But nothing will force you to do your quests (if you remove the note you will receive during your third year).

If you want to orientate yourself in agriculture or fishing or even drilling to the detriment of other functions, you can. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to collect a gift in your house for your housewarming that will give you 15 seed packets allowing you to start your garden well and win at the same time a few gold coins.


caves, when you have to face enemies. The energy bar will be at the bottom right of the screen and each of your actions will cause you to spend energy.Your character in Stardew Valley will have a life bar as well as an energy bar. Know that the bar of life will only be visible when entering the

When your energy bar is empty, you will have to go back to your home and sleep in your bed to get a new day and then take back all your energy bar. Note that certain foods or events will allow you to regain life and energy such as using the SPA on the first day of summer.

stardew valley tips

If you no longer have energy, you can lose money. Note that you will lose knowledge in the mines and thus have to rediscover the level. Note that the fruit “Stardrop” will allow you to increase your maximum energy permanently by 34 points. The player starts the game with 270 energy up to a maximum of 508. Return to your bed at the end of the day when your character is exhausted. If you sleep out of bed, your energy gauge will only be restored in half.

Starting board:

On your first day, cut the wood, the grass as well as the stones in your garden using the utensil in your inventory.

  • The ax will allow you to cut wood
  • The scythe to cut the grass
  • The pick of removing the stones

Then use your Spade to prepare your ground.

After making 15 holes on the ground, place your recovered seeds in a gift package inside your home and then equip yourself with your watering can to water the ground. Note that you will be able to fill it quickly using the lake to the south of your house. Once this sequence is complete, continue to weed your garden and go back to bed to finish this first day. This will save you time for the days to come to resell your vegetables planted from the first day.


In Stardew Valley, the more actions you take in connection with your “business,” the more you will increase your experience in this field, allowing you to unlock specific skills. Below is a table summarizing all the skills to be unlocked in Stardew Valley.


The cycle of a day will take place in a period of 18h in game. In real time, it will take 13 minutes knowing that one hour in game corresponds to 45 real seconds. The day starts at 06:00 and ends at 00:00 (midnight). After midnight, the character becomes tired and needs sleep.

However, the player may remain awake until 02:00, after which the player will sleep outside. If this happens, you will be trained by the doctor or one of the Village members in the infirmary and lose money. Stardew Valley considers that you are at night after 18:00, practice to catch fish at night which can appear at 18h and 20h at the maximum according to the species.

Be aware that the game registers automatically after each day when you fall asleep and will count your day to let you know how much you have earned. It will nevertheless be possible to modify this in the options to remove the automatic backup. When you fall asleep in your bed, you will regain your whole life and your energy, conversely, if you sleep outside you will only recover half of your energy.

Each season lasts 28 days, with specific crops, drilling, and unique fish to recover during this season. Note that crops still standing outside this season will wilt and die gradually. Also, the fertilizer will eventually expire, and your farm will experience some deterioration at the end of a season.

Each season has two days of celebration. It is at this time that the seeds in the store of Peter will change according to the season to come and that the daily routine will change: cultivating new plantations, harvesting different ore, etc. In Stardew Valley you will have four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The game will begin permanently on the first day of spring.

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