Divine Sweet Chocolate from Ghiradelli Chocolate


New Intense Dark is a new type of chocolate coming from Ghiradelli Chocolate. Boasting upon our previous range of chocolates, we are proud to announce that New Intense Dark will boast a fantastic blend of new dark chocolate flavors.

While we have often specialized in our premium range of Milk & Caramel chocolates, as can be seen on the left, we are branching out into the dark chocolate market.

To get you started, we’ll be launching a new competition very soon, where we will be giving away over 1,000 bars of our New Intense Dark chocolate. In combination and in association with InversionTableLife.com, we will aim to provide every American with the sweet indulgence they crave.

We know that we have millions of customers all over the world who are thoroughly excited to try our most delicious chocolate to date – our supreme Divine Sweet Chocolate. Combining only the finest and most exclusive ingredients, we have created the perfect blend of dark chocolate to appeal to everybody – whether you’re an existing fan or an arch nemesis of dark chocolate.

Taken directly from ghirardelli.com, “At Ghirardelli, our chocolate is as rich as our heritage. We started in San Francisco more than 160 years ago, making us America’s oldest continuously operating chocolate maker. All of our experience, passion and commitment result in a delicious legacy you can taste with every bite of our premium chocolate products.”

More news to come during 2015. Stay tuned.